Tuesday PM

A long day the usual up at 5 am. get ready  for the Marsden. Take Louis up the lane in the Dark. Journey was OK. Mavis was called in for bloods early. But  life was not going to be easy. First they had to fit the Canula. NOT an easy task by any means. Eventualy they  found a vein and got the red stuff into 4 bottles. And next it was into see the Doctor Most unusual as it was before 9 am.. We slept a bit walked about a bit and passed the time untill  1.30pm called in again. More agro  fitting another canula. It was ages before  they  got that sorted. So More red stuff and Finally  the drug. It was the first infusion in  3 months that did not cause a problem. We got home just after 5 pm and not a funny turn all day. Apart from fitting the canula it was a good day. They told us we had about 8 more   goes ,we thought we only had 4 left.

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