Oh dear. PLumber has been. My expansion tank  needed replacing. after 3 and a half hours work   and a bill for £190.00 We have a working boiler again. considering the boiler is only about 6 years old we have spent a few quid on call outs on it.

Maves new vacuum cleaner has arrived she is  a happy bunny doing her thing. Louis had better watch it he could get sucked up. She has already sucked up his squiggly furry toy. I am keeping a low profile too.


Just another little job today. I have to descale mavis coffee m/c. At the moment its in bits in the washing up bowl getting scrubbed. But first I have to go shopping for descaler. I cant find the  stuff I bought last time.

I am also Charging up my power drill. I have a job to do in the garden later.

Another problem is my combi boiler has started loosing pressure. Ive been  round and checked for leaks. None I can find. So it looks like a job for the plumber. I will keep an eye on it. More expense.


Update on boiler. Ive re pressured it twice today But after dinner this evening Its empty again. So a call to plumber. He is coming at 8.30 in the morning.


Its 2 am. I cant sleep. The wind is howling and the rain is lashing  the windows. I woke up at 1 am with  flashing lights on the ceiling. I got up to  see if it was an ambulance outside. No it was my flashing garden lights. They  decided to  work after being dead all winter. And they are not supposed to flash. But only 2 of the string of 40 lights working  so bright. So thats a job  when this weather eases up sort that out. When I got back to bed. Mavis had moved over to my side. I tried to  squeze in but I had another  problem. Louis had decided to  jump into my space. So after about half an hour with no room and hanging on by my fingernails  and now wide awake I  thought sod it. I might as well make a cuppa. So here I am wide awake drinking tea. How mad is that.

I dont blog much lately because i havent much to  say. But I thought I  would post today.


A typical Easter Sunday. Wet Windy and Cold. The rain was lashing the windows I  looked out and was amazed to see hailstones the size of small marbles  on the pathway. Ive got wet  walking louis  today.

I havent done a lot . A bit of PC/ stuff Nodded off  . I did watch Prof Fox  on TV but I think 4 programe back to back is a bit much. I had to turn it over  enough is enough. Then Portilos railway jnys. But  another back to back again so I ended up turning tv off. Not much else worth watching.

I forgot to put the dustbins out today I remembered just now and got soaked again. That will teach me.



What a day. Our normal journey to Marsden today was a pig. M25 was so bad. Even the ward was slow . Normally bloods done at 8.30 sharp. Today gone 9 am . But we did get a long chat with the Doctor. Apart from a minor ,all was well with Mavis.
During the day I was amazed at theses strangers coming up and asking are you mavis. They were so happy to meet her face to face. As she had urged these people to get to the Marsden and seek a Trial. It made me proud and I realised that the hours she spends on her PC really is helping people get help. But at the end of the day we left all these lovely nurses and new friemds behind. Me all I have done since getting home is sleep. I am shattered after yesterday and getting up at 5 am today. But I am told I can have a few days rest. Thanks Mavis.


Long old day. Louis got his walk up the lane early today. it was like a spring day.  After Facebook and emails sorted. We set off  for London. Mavis was speaking at  the commons again. She was happy to meet Dean and Peter. Also Peter from Merc. and Liz. Oh the list is endless.

we left here at  a little after 10 am got back here  around 8pm Long day. But Mave is tired but a happy bunny so thats all that matters.

Tomorrow is Marsden day so thats up about 4.30 am that old routine walking louis up the lane in the dark then face the  evil M25  hopefully  we wont have any  funny reactions with no picc line to worry about. We are counting down how many more of these days we have to the end of the trial. When I had to say  goodbye to Peter  from merc today I said you and your team will never know just how much I appreciate  what you have done for mavis. And for that I thank you. I couldnt help it but I had a lump in my throat. Gosh we owe Merc so much.


A bit of a sad day mavis and me have been at  different ends today. We had to decide whether to put Louis in Kennels for a few days later in the year or I let Mavis travel alone. I have been torn for  days now.

I cant  with any conscious let her do that. And to put him in kennels is painful.

When it come to crunch and with a heavy heart  Louis must  spend a few days with strangers. I dont have a choice. So Tomorrow I must talk to the kennels and sort a date.