Long old day. Louis got his walk up the lane early today. it was like a spring day.  After Facebook and emails sorted. We set off  for London. Mavis was speaking at  the commons again. She was happy to meet Dean and Peter. Also Peter from Merc. and Liz. Oh the list is endless.

we left here at  a little after 10 am got back here  around 8pm Long day. But Mave is tired but a happy bunny so thats all that matters.

Tomorrow is Marsden day so thats up about 4.30 am that old routine walking louis up the lane in the dark then face the  evil M25  hopefully  we wont have any  funny reactions with no picc line to worry about. We are counting down how many more of these days we have to the end of the trial. When I had to say  goodbye to Peter  from merc today I said you and your team will never know just how much I appreciate  what you have done for mavis. And for that I thank you. I couldnt help it but I had a lump in my throat. Gosh we owe Merc so much.


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