What a day. Our normal journey to Marsden today was a pig. M25 was so bad. Even the ward was slow . Normally bloods done at 8.30 sharp. Today gone 9 am . But we did get a long chat with the Doctor. Apart from a minor ,all was well with Mavis.
During the day I was amazed at theses strangers coming up and asking are you mavis. They were so happy to meet her face to face. As she had urged these people to get to the Marsden and seek a Trial. It made me proud and I realised that the hours she spends on her PC really is helping people get help. But at the end of the day we left all these lovely nurses and new friemds behind. Me all I have done since getting home is sleep. I am shattered after yesterday and getting up at 5 am today. But I am told I can have a few days rest. Thanks Mavis.


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