Its 2 am. I cant sleep. The wind is howling and the rain is lashing  the windows. I woke up at 1 am with  flashing lights on the ceiling. I got up to  see if it was an ambulance outside. No it was my flashing garden lights. They  decided to  work after being dead all winter. And they are not supposed to flash. But only 2 of the string of 40 lights working  so bright. So thats a job  when this weather eases up sort that out. When I got back to bed. Mavis had moved over to my side. I tried to  squeze in but I had another  problem. Louis had decided to  jump into my space. So after about half an hour with no room and hanging on by my fingernails  and now wide awake I  thought sod it. I might as well make a cuppa. So here I am wide awake drinking tea. How mad is that.

I dont blog much lately because i havent much to  say. But I thought I  would post today.

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