A bit of a disappointing day. It started out with that early rise walking Louis  up the lane in the dark before dawn. We had a couple of  close shaves as my torch was almost flat and the passing cars never run slow up the lane. But  later we set off for the Marsden. M25 was not too bad. We arrived  just before  8 am booked in and sat back . After bloods were done it was  that time  to see doctor. Any problems she asked. So Mavis  showed her her swollen ankles and legs. WoW! the doctor was concerned. after loads of questions and examination. She said I am not going to pass you for treatment today. I want you to  go  to another hospital for some tests. I was  angry and she could see it . I was being silly and selfish really. I was just thinking we  wasted another day getting here and now we got to come back again. So  she said  she would arrange another date and write to us. So we  went home. Later  on a phone call  telling Mavis its all sorted. We have to go  back again on Thursday. Another early  morning. They have arranged transport  to this new hospital and back. If  the results are good then she will sanction  the drug on that day.

Maves  legs certainly needed sorting so I should have been happy that  they were looking at the problem and not  ignoring it, Good on them. After all its Mavis health that matters not  about me being put out . So now with happy heart we are  ready  for  a trip  up  again.


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