Bit of a no no day. much to my surprise my camera arrived . But soon the excitement turned to  disappointment. It would not  turn on. A communication  with ebay , got me a message back. I should try alkaline batteries. So I went over the shop got new batteries. Yippee it turned on so I immediately replied and thanked seller. Ebay then closed my returns ticket. But after taking 3 photos it  shut down on me and will not start up again. Ive been back on ebay. But  you can only open 1 returns ticket after that its basically ON YOUR BIKE they dont want to know. Now I have contacted seller but he wont answer me. I think he knows the rules. So at the moment it looks like I have been had.

I am not sure if I can do anything else. Looks like I am up  the creek with no paddle.

Not a happy bunny.

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