OMG its marsden day. Up  in the darkness usual  dog walk  up the lane in the early light. Then tackle the M25. Todays traffic  was less than kind. Hold ups everywhere. But  we made it. Booked in  and wait. *.30  arrives and Mavis gets called in for bloods and fitting a canula.

Its scan day. So after bloods we set off  to get to radiology . Your too early   reception said. Go away and get a coffee. But we just did that.  Well if you dont mind waiting. Of course not. we can sit here or sit down stairs.  Over an hour later things started moving and  we got the scan. Next its  back to  our ward. WE sat  waiting for the Doctor. Doctor Yoo. Lovly man.  then its back to waiting. around 1.30  we get  called in. But its buts its after 2 .15 befor   she gets plugged in. almost 3 pm and we are all done. But  mavis wants to see the Doctor for the scan results. But  just  about to leave when he comes out to see us. Smiles all over his face. Everything Good he said  No problems. Mavis said still not growing NO. Still no sign of Meso? Absolutely No. He said. We shook his hand and thanked him . Going down in the lift Mavis still did not believe it.

What better news could you ask for. So  we hit the road home. I noticed Mavis dropped off a few times. Pure relief set in.We set off for home we got back here around quater to 5. It was still an eleven hour day and over 12 hours since that dreaded alarm screamed GET UP.

But with results  like hers  its worth it. After our  evening meal and the washing up done I  nodded off on settee. 1 1/2 hrs later  I woke up ready to  get what ever life throws at me  in the next couple of hours.



One thought on “Tuesday

  1. Your right Ray, you couldn’t of asked for better news than that!!! So much stress leading up to the scan and then pure relief when you get the results. So so happy for you and Mavis. You guys rock!!!!

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