We have had it all today. From  bitter cold winds Heavy rain and lots of it. Even some snow showers . Mixed in with all that Bright  blue skyes and Sunshine.

Well  after a few more emails back and forward to Haven Holiday management  a bit of  duck shoving  . They are now going to look into our complaint.

I dont hold out a lot of hope that it will be sorted in my favor. But at least they had an ear bashing.

I sit back now and wonder where this country has gone in the last decade. We are constantly shown  the bad side of our  government . Walk outs strikes by Doctors . Trains . Major High Street  stores  Going broke. So many  on the fiddle. Millions out of work. Children unable to go to school near their homes. Where will it all end. Great Britain Hm! I dont think so any more. Ok we dont have flogging in the street and hanging. But Hey whats next. The EU ordering us about like naughty  kids. i suppose when  we are all  on the euro  and no longer  Britain but the 50th state of  EU. WE may wake up. But then it will be tooo Late.


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