4 days in iMIG The worlds largest mesothelioma Conference. This year 9 was the largest ever so far. iMIG means International Mesothelioma Interest Group

Wow! What a powerful  4 Days. We  put louis in kennels and travelled to Birmingham. Journey up was not  brilliant. Started out with taxi to station went to wrong address . Then Train had bus service which  took 1 1/2 hrs  to do what the train would do in 6 mins or so. But  we  arrived around 4.30 ish booked into hotel. Then made our way to the Birmingham ICC. We crept  quietly into  the Nurses conference. And so the next few days began. WE went  to so many  conference talks, Ive lost count. And to be honest most  were so  scientific I didnt understand much.

We were fed and watered well  each day. WE had an evening gala Dinner. Not impressed. Event was nice food ????.

But the most  gob smacking  thing  during all 4 days was the amount  of people from around the world who just  wanted to meet Mavis. I am stunned. I knew she was popular in the meso world but I never  knew it was so much by so many.             Doctors . Professors  ,the media , nurses and so many general people. Most of the time I  just  stepped back out  the way and simply watched in total awe and admiration.

My arm was twisted before we went  to make a speech. Well I  did a 6 minute one which was on How mesothelioma impacted on me. Oh dear was I shocked. So many people stopped me to thank me for  such a moving talk. So many  were in tears. It was just my thoughts and a brief  account of my journey over the past 7 years. Unfortunately It was not videoed. But if anyone is interested I can put a copy on here.

But soon the  time was ready  for the last session on Wednesday and it concluded with presentations to all the people who had worked so hard to  bring it off. And finally they asked Mavis on to the stage to do a short  one to one interview  to bring the whole event to a close. Its on  our website and on youtube         

I am so unbelievably proud of Mavis she has achieved so much despite having being so Ill .

God bless you I love you so much.


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