The penultimate marsden day. Infusion 51. Only one more to go to  finish this 2 year journey. What a journey. Who would have thought  2 years ago that  we would be enjoying this fantastic  event. 7 years  looking  each day in the face . Will  this be the day we get  bad news. Yes we have been there got the T shirt. Never did we dare hope or  think  we would be saying well only one more to go and sitting back  with mesothelioma all gone. A dream. When we were there last Friday Rex, one of the wonderful nurses said they  wanted a new clock as the  one  had become hard to read. So Mavis bought them a new one. But it had to be  a Radio Control clock  to keep  perfect time. So  today  we took it in and gave it to Nella the sister. They  gave Mavis a nice thank you card. It was just a small way  of saying thank you. Rex said Oh  a new clock I thought you were getting a Grandfather clock I said I was but I couldn’t carry it .

Another nice thing  was Nicky was back in her role  as reception. She is such a lovly girl. She lightens up the whole place with her smile. We chatted for ages. Such a welcome sight.

We were saying we are glad that this hectic long tiring day  every 14 days is coming to an end  that is good. But we will miss all those lovely nurses and doctors. They have been so close  ,more like family and friends.

But that’s  the price we pay for Mavis,s new meso free  life. I certainly will not mis getting up at the un godly hour before 5 am in the cold dark winter mornings, walking louis up the lane in the frost with a torch dodging the cars. That 2 hour plus nightmare  journey on the country’s largest car park the dreaded M25.Sitting half awake all day in the waiting room. What I will miss though is our trip to the yew tree for a tea and a coffee and my favorite  Belgium Bun.  I shouldn’t  have the bun but what the hell I  must have something for my journey. If I get to the counter and  see no buns its like withdrawal symptoms. over the 2 years I must have had at least 45  Belgium Buns. Hm! I can smell em now.

Well  its only 9.30 pm but I am shattered and off to my bed.

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