Found this in my stuff today circa 1955/56. powder blue jacket and blue 7 inch pegs. My tailor said I would never get them on. And If I dared to  walk down the high street  wearing them and come into  his shop he would give me back the money  for them. Well I  struggled pulled and tugged and eventually got them on. Uncomfortably I  walked down town and into  his shop. The  Tailor said OK  stand there. He called out  this guy from the back. Here are those trousers he said. They both had a good laugh. He did refund my money. But  the trousers only lasted a couple more wears  before I had to let them out   but sadly  there was not enough material left to let them out enough. I dont remember what happened to them. Ah those were the days. Shortly after that I moved on to motorbikes. But unknown to me at that time was to be a journey that has  taken me on for 59 years so far. That one is called Mavis. Her parents  called me a Teddy Boy and forbid her to see me.


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