Well its a landmark day  tomorrow. Its Marsden day again. Its infusion number 52. Thats  104 weeks of  it pumped into Mavis. Its been a hell of a road.  Over 7 years now But the last 2 have been the most significant. Tomorrow will be the last yes I did say  last one. For Mavis the 2 years trial is now complete.

I will get up in the morning with a different look on my face as I walk Louis up the lane just after 5 am dodging the half awake speeding drivers off on their  daily routines. Unaware that  they are passing  what for us an historic moment. We will still have to attend  the Marsden  for  future scans and monitoring for at least another year. But  the  drug has done its job.

It  will be a sad day also. We will miss the wonderful staff who have dealt  with her during this time. But we have promised to show our faces when we attend in the future.

I will not  miss the early rising and the journey on the M25 which most times can be trying. Mavis wont miss the  regular fight with the needles hunting for the one and only  useful vein to  put  a canular in. Louis will not miss being left for  10 /12 hours  waiting for his mummy to come home again.

Yes  tomorrow is an historic day. It seems a lifetime ago when we sat  opposite an oncologist and heard the words Sorry its mesothelioma. There is no Cure. It is Terminal You have about 3 months to put your  self in order.

I will be thinking of that lonely  numbing ride home on the bus knowing I was going to loose Mavis in a few weeks. I never dreamt  that  we would be still together 7 years later  with a new prognosis. How long have we got . We just do not know but the future looks good for you. I will settle for that.



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