Sometimes Life just smacks you  full in the face. Mavis just had a phone call this late in the evening from the Marsden. All sorts of things run  through your mind when  they say  hello this is Doctor … From the Marsden. Oh dear  is this  bad news have they seen growth on my scan yesterday is it back again.  But  it seems its a logistical problem  not a medical one. It has been seen that Mavis is 2 infusions missing and thus has NOT COMPLETED  the 2 year Trial. We now have to have 2 more infusions to  make up. It was explained that  the 2 missing ones were due to  the pict line infection. By our calculations we should have finished  end of may but  we continued  into June to catch up.  So now we have to go through 2 more sessions. We are not impressed. NOT impressed. This could have No Should have been established weeks ago and not  left  to  our understanding that we had finished. I  mustnt write any more  because I am angry. And I must not be angry I must be grateful that they care and are wanting to complete treatment.


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