Well  we had our Marsden day. The usual up at  5 am on the road at 6am  . Much to my surprise they were expecting us. But  there was conflicting views as to just how many sessions Mavis has had. By my  count up I say we attended 54 times over the past 2 years that  extra 2 takes account of the 2 that the drug was cancelled because she was ill.  Marsden told us on our last visit that we had completed the 52nd and the trial was now over. But the phone call at  845pm on wednesday  telling us that we had only completed 50 and that we must attend  for 2 more was a surprise. Today the doctor said it was protocol from Merc that  said we must  do 2 more. But  we spoke to  …… no names here… Who said it was certain that we HAD completed 52 complete drug days. All  confusing. But  Mavis didnt want any fuss as usual so agreed to have 2 more. Now we have had one of those we have one more to go. But  the scan results were no  growth and still  in remission. That word remission was actually used  today instead of  CR. So some improvement there.

It was good to see those  familiar faces again..


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