What a lovely day. Our son and daughter in law came  to  visit  early this morning bearing Fathers day  prezzy. A nice card  a nice T shirt but best of all my Favorite. A Home made rhubarb Crumble. And a Large tub of Ice Cream. But  before  eating that we went to Herne Bay Market . WE had a good old rummage round the market  Terry bought bits and bobs so did Nicky. Mavis went Mad and bought another walking stick. As she was looking  at them the bloke said good quality those. £10.oo  I said I bought one recently on line for £4.99. What did he say he asked Mavis she said £4.99 on line. OH not  quality like these . He said there’s one  down the line here for £5.00 but there rubbish. I walked away in disgust but Mavis put her hand out for £10.00. At home  comparison  NO Difference.

Then we went on to  find a nice place to eat. We wanted to celebrate mavis end of 2 years on keytruda. The meal was very good. After that we did a tour of the local Garden centres. Then finally  bachk home. Where quickly we had hot  crumble . Delicious. WE were all tired  but have had a good day out. But all things must come to an end and  it was getting late and they had a 2 hour drive home and had to leave us.

For me it was a good fathers day.


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