PHOTO_20160624A_134535Funny how something that you have reservations about ,turns out to be a good decision.

I  was a bit  miffed about  going to Duxford for  a conference.  We set off in the Van yesterday so that we could take louis with us. WE camped overnight in Cambridge Campsite. My god  what a storm we had several pitches were flooded. We were ok . This morning we packed up and set off the 10 minute drive to  the museum conference. One big hic cup at one junction getting on to the M11 I ran a red light. I just didnt see it I was trying to  find the right exit. After Mavis yelled at me it was too late.

We arrived and parked up  nice and early. Settled louis and went in to register. Tea or coffee and meeting old faces quick chatting before the start.

It was one of the most interesting ones Ive been to. I did the pre lunch session and decided to  sit with louis after lunch.

I did manage a quick toddle round the museum and took a few pictures. We actually  watched a Spitfire  taxi on the runway and then watch it take off all exciting.

After a nice lunch I took louis for a trot  around the area and then back to the van. He went to sleep  . I took the hint and joined him. Later I was rudely  woken up  the rain was tipping it down and I  had the roof open for fresh air so after a surprise dowsing I closed it and  checked Itv news to find Cameron had resigned.

just after 4pm I decided to walk back  and meet Mavis but she was already on her way back. But at that  moment the clouds opened and it tipped it down again. In her haste to get into the van she missed her footing and I heard a yell for help and there she was laid back up to her ears in bushes flat on her back unable to get up. I couldnt get out to help her. Louis was barking for a moment things were manic. But she managed to  get up and in the dry. WE decided Ok its time to call it a day so we set off for home. The anticipated problem journey was a good  journey home and we drove out of the rain and into the blue skies of home. A nice experience afterall.


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