Another  one of those technical   days. When I got up  this morning I found mavis in the den knee deep in paperwork. What you doing I asked in my half awake voice. Oh  sorting out . Oh Ok. Then she added the computer is dead. So began a day of problems.

After breakfast I  took a look at her pc I got the Drive out cleaned the connections and put it  back and wow it worked. Great. But that was short lived. It stopped again. I  pushed and pulled  cables and  it  started again. But soon it  had stopped again. We must get to PC world and get a new one she said. Well you could have my  spare one  I said. So I  connected it up for her. Then began for her a long process of adding all the stuff  she  uses and removing my old stuff. In the mea time I was playing  with the okd one. I managed to get it  to work again. And just to make sure  I turned it on and off  several times. I then said look its working fine. So  she  decided to give it one more go  Now I had to go through it all again disconnecting   and  re connecting again. Its been on now nearly all day without  a problem. Next now I  had to  reconnect mine. Oh no! My mouse and keyboard was not working. I changed the batteries in the wireless keyboard ,no go. Then I  cleaned the contacts and yes  keyboard working again. But  still no  wireless mouse. I replaced  batteries but it would not work. So now I am hunting for my old mouse with cable  yes it works. later I found my old wireless mouse  which I had replaced because it was faulty. Its working at the moment. So  my  latest  one is now in the bin. What a day. computers are a pain in the arse.


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