DSC00225Back home now. Thats not from space but A nice few days with our son. Always entertaining. Although the trip up  was bad nearly 4 hrs ,coming home today was good at    2 hours.

Washing is all done unpacking sorted. Life is back to normal. Bits need re charging.. Got  hotel in Amsterdam confirmation. Just got t o print Tickets and just sit back and wait now.

We went to the International Space Center at Leicester. If anyone has children I would recommend it. very interesting.



Its been sooo hot . To hot to do anything. Even louis couldnt  do his run in the park he walked most of the way. Ive done nothing of note. It was even tooo hot  for me to take my nap. Ive just stepped out the shower  to cool down. I dont think we will sleep tonight. We are off to  our sons for the week end tomorrow. Its mavis birthday so she needs a break from FB. ( she is taking her laptop lol)

She is never far away .



When I got up this morning I  quickly  got myself ready to take louis out. I ha

d decided that I  would paint the inside of the Porch. It took me a good couple of hours. There were lots of groans and creaking bones. But I finished it. Its all clean and fresh again.

Ive also updated  my flight plans. I realized that  our seats  would be allocated on  booking in which meant  we might not be next to each other. So Ive rectified that now. We are seated next to each other just for £15  more to my tickets.

Now e can hold hands and shut our eyes together. I am not a good passenger anywhere. Particularly  flying.


Well outside painting is done,well except the little window sills. But I have to get more paint for that. So another trip out later today. It all looks nice and clean and fresh again.



Our Painter  was here  on the dot at 8 am. mavis  was at the door  while I  dashed out of bed. It been a hot sunny day  all day. But  come 3 pm   painting ceased . But    will start at 8 am again tomorrow. There is only about 2 hours work  left tops and its all done.  Although  its the same color how bright it looks. Amazing how weather and time affects quality.

It wont need doing again for at least 3 years. So now the gardens all  sorted and home is all painted. next I have to  clear the shed. But not tomorrow.



PHOTO_20160816_135321 (1600 x 1200)Today we arranged to meet Dave Burleigh and Ali. in whitstable castle for lunch. It was a nice warm day so we could sit outside. catching up on   news. A pleasant time was had by all.

When we got home it was time for  his lordships walk in the park.

Now we have to get ready for  the painter tomorrow. Ive removed ornaments and things off the walls  all ready. I just hope we get a couple of days of fine weather.


A trip to the paint shop today to get  all the outside paint all ready. Then  on to  Sainsburys  for some yogurts that  mavis wanted £95 the bill  but  just a few bits more than yogurts.

After unpacking   its time for louis walk. Then I had a job to do in the garden. The hinges on the gate  had rusted. I had to replace them.

At sometime I have to repair another gate that has rusted.  Tomorrow If  its fine I have yet another gate that I need to  repair. I think a delivery man  has broken it. A mans work is never done??.