The day I was dreading arrived. Putting louis in kennels. I made  a big extra fuss of him all day. At last it was time we took him for his usual  run in the park. But  I am sure he knew things were  different. He didnt want to run ahead to far. But eventually we arrived at the kennels he was excited   getting out the car and made his way to the gate with bounce n his step. He seemed excited. After paperwork sorted Mavis escorted him to his domain for the next few days. I couldnt do it..

Next  was collecting all the paperwork together passports etc tickets. Nightmare. Packing clothes. But thats all done now What is not done now dont get done. Taxi booked for 7.30 to station.



A bit sad tonight. No really sad this time tomorrow louis will be spending his first niight in Kennels . He will be away from his mummy and daddy for a few days . I hate leaving him. But I dont think easyjet would be happy to have him sit on my lap.

Ive been and got  rail tkts for Gatwick. Ive sorted  paperwork passports times of trains  flight times   so many times its driving me mental. Clothes all hanging on hangers ready for  packing.


Busy day . But first my cockup. We had to go to Gillingham And due to parking problems we decided to go by train. So I used the online buying tickets service.

Due to  an error I ended up paying  twice I got tickets for  2 journeys . But I  no the machine was not to bad at the station. But I will try to stick to  booking office in future.

We took a walk around the high st. Wow how its changed in the 20 odd years since we saw it last.


Well Since my  neighbors took over both my parking zones things have moved on a bit.

When I took louis for his early morning walk, I saw my place for the Van was empty. So  quick as a flash I zoomed in a quick reverse a hard right and with my new brakes sorted I came to a neat stop. I was back in my zone which I have occupied for the past 16 years. Some people are just selfish.

We took louis for his afternoon run in his park  early, we said it was his birthday mavis got him a new bright yellow ball bless him.

But my car  place was still occupied by the new comer.

I took him out again for his late afternoon pee and saw YES. my car space was empty. so another reverse movement and I was back  where it belongs. Sorted. Tonight  I saw that the new comer had taken over another spot and that  neighbour had taken someone elses and so  the domino  starts.

What a sad life I lead.


My Campervan was goodnews today ” gaitors  on front and brake service. All done by 11 oclock.

We got the call on the M25  on way home from Marsden. We got to the Marsden for Scan results this morning. We were seen early . Your Scan results are  Fine she said. No Changes. Still  all clear. Nothing to worry about. Good news again. So we visited the old ward to see old faces. Lots of new faces . Some  promotions and moved  depts.  Journey home was good.

I parked the car got a Taxi to the garage to collect the van.

Some of my ebay order arrived today. maybe the rest  tomorrow.

We had trouble sorting mavis email. It was hacked again and she was blocked. People are getting emails from her account but she hasnt sent them.


Isnt it amazing how one event can have so many  ripples. A new resident in our area has moved in with her car. Bearing in mind parking is at a premium. In the couple of days  Ive seen her parked in  various spaces . Its an unwritten rules that we each stick to our own spaces. Sometimes Doctors nurses or ambulances use our space OK no problems. Today because Ive had to put mine in for a service. My usual space of 16 years has been taken by the new comer. It has hapened in the past on occasions. And its usually a fight to get it back  as they asume they have a right to it. So it looks like I have a fight on my hands. I remember when I  first came here and parked in a space. The next morning I found I had been blocked in by a car across my bumper. I  am a bit more mature for that. But it is annoying.

Its just as well that Its Marsden again tomorrow early  in the morning. Maybe   my space will be empty again. But at the moment the sca results  tomorrow are more important.  Its that nervous time again.


Our Trip to the Marsden was not exactly top of the heap today. Journey up  was Ok we arived with 1 minute to spare. But no problems. All booked in and sent to reception to wait bloods pre scan.

They  came and took Mavis in  after only  10 mins or so.. I sat nodding  some time later  the nurse came in ,clip board at the ready. Mavis Nee she called out. Everyone looked up. Mavis nee she called again. The woman next to me said something  so the nurse showed her  the  clip board. No not me she said . That says Mavis  nee. I looked at my watch wow its been 40 minutes since mavis was called in. I called the nurse back. Is that Mavis nye you are looking for. I cant find her she said. What ? You took her in over 40 minutes ago where is she what have you done with her. I cant find her she mumbled. Ok so what have you done with her. I will check she  said. She turned and went back to her office. Now I was worried . !!!  everyone was looking at me by now. A few more mins passed and I was about to  pick up mavis gear and find someone to help me. Whem Mavis came round the corner. Sorry she said They couldnt get a canualr in they couldnt find a vein. Bloody hell Its taken 50 minutes to find a bloody vein. next time I will bring a few spares in a carrier bag. I was loosing it. Mavis was trying to calm me down. We are  ready for the scan now. So we had to go down one floor to another area and wait. Soon Mavis we heard Ah! thats me  and she stood up picked up her Bag turned round and dumped it fair and square in my nether regions. Shooting Pain welled up on top of my previous anger. So you can see the day was not one of my better ones. But the journey home was fine. WE go back again  in 48 hours for the results. Hey Ho here we go.