Isnt it amazing how one event can have so many  ripples. A new resident in our area has moved in with her car. Bearing in mind parking is at a premium. In the couple of days  Ive seen her parked in  various spaces . Its an unwritten rules that we each stick to our own spaces. Sometimes Doctors nurses or ambulances use our space OK no problems. Today because Ive had to put mine in for a service. My usual space of 16 years has been taken by the new comer. It has hapened in the past on occasions. And its usually a fight to get it back  as they asume they have a right to it. So it looks like I have a fight on my hands. I remember when I  first came here and parked in a space. The next morning I found I had been blocked in by a car across my bumper. I  am a bit more mature for that. But it is annoying.

Its just as well that Its Marsden again tomorrow early  in the morning. Maybe   my space will be empty again. But at the moment the sca results  tomorrow are more important.  Its that nervous time again.


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