Well Since my  neighbors took over both my parking zones things have moved on a bit.

When I took louis for his early morning walk, I saw my place for the Van was empty. So  quick as a flash I zoomed in a quick reverse a hard right and with my new brakes sorted I came to a neat stop. I was back in my zone which I have occupied for the past 16 years. Some people are just selfish.

We took louis for his afternoon run in his park  early, we said it was his birthday mavis got him a new bright yellow ball bless him.

But my car  place was still occupied by the new comer.

I took him out again for his late afternoon pee and saw YES. my car space was empty. so another reverse movement and I was back  where it belongs. Sorted. Tonight  I saw that the new comer had taken over another spot and that  neighbour had taken someone elses and so  the domino  starts.

What a sad life I lead.


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