Much to my surprise my back pain  has been much reduced today.Despite  a heavy day  on the london underground  yesterday.

It was not this good  when I  woke up  just after  2 am I was up  crawling along the passage to the bathroom  then I had  problems getting  back in bed. But with increasing  pain I got up for a cuppa about 6am  an ungodly hour  for me.

Pirely by chance when  we took louis  for his romp I saw a slip of paper  just visable from my seat at the  bottom of my screen. I got out to check .Oh dear a bloody  parking violation. I was parked in a disabled blue badge zone. Mavis badge was displayed  in the window. So I have disputed it  now I wait to see if I pay £85.00 disgusting.


The on going back Saga continues. Yesterday te time I had a period of absolute screaming  agony.

Ive mat with various degrees of pain  in a lifetime. I think up until now  my worst was 3 abcesses in a week. I had to go to work  with a face swollen like a football. after having a tooth filled. 3 days later I had  raging tooth ache.  I had an abcesse. I cant touch that the dentist said because it will be painful . I begged him to remove it. I remember halfway through the extraction  I was screaming STOP STOP . He said  you are biting my finger. but the instant relief when it was finally out it was like a wave of ecstasy.

I had 2 more like that before I cancelled treatment. It turned out later  accusations of cleanliness were leveled at the practice.

I thought that was bad pain. Various other episodes in life. But this  back pain has brought me to  screaming pitch. I cant believe bones rubbing together can cause so much agony.


I got  a letter from my Doctor today I can choose where and when I make my apointment. on checking  where some have a waiting time of 62 days  55 days 46 days or 25 days. So guess which one I chose. yes 62 days . NO joking 25 days is still what I have to wait. still no date for the MRI . its not even sure if this injection will  cure my pain. They called it  DDD thats Disk Degenative Disease. Its where the fluid sacks between vertbrae have leaked allowing infection to set in and bone grinding together  only adds to it.


A trip  to Canterbury  for  one of Mavis`s meetings.

I  now understand what the Doctor meant . What I am going to have is a A cervical epidural steroid injection. Sound technical. I think it means a tube of B & Q window mastic squirted up my  back. With luck it may give me some relief. But at the moment its about 3 -4 weeks away before I see the Man.


My trip to the doctors  today was to discuss his letter saying my condition was normal.  When I was called in  he smiled and said gosh that looks like painful work.  I said I have your text  sayng  test 1 was normal. Yes thats the blood test. Nothing showed up on that he said . Next I said I have your letter saying  spinal xray  normal.

I said sorry its not normal to  spend  nearly 2 months crawling about like a cripple on sticks. So what do you mean NORMAL.

He explained that Normal for a man of my age. almost 80. because its common for wear and tear to take place.

So I have curvature of the spine which has reduced my  height  aprox 2 inches. But most of all the lumber region has deteriorated  as the discs have worn away. and the bones are grinding together.. So the upshot is I am now to  have an MRI scan and a referal to a pain clinic.

where they  will  inject a stabilizer into my spine. A tube of mastic. (joking ) that should stop  the movement and reduce the pain. I must wait now about 2 to 3 weeks.


been a shit day today. I sorted my  flight  change yesterday  evening. This morning I got e/m they must talk to me  or  my change is not accepted.  so 8.30 I phone.  They  keep trying to contact me. Yes on what a lazer beam?  Anyway did I accept  the proposed change YES YES YES . Ok they will cal be back in  2 hrs.  So four and a half hrs Later I phone again. They can continue  until I pay the  extra penalty. I said I agreed  yesterday just take the bloody money. Sorry I cant do that . Someone will contact you in the next 24 hrs. . 2 hrs later I get a call  sorry  my request for a 4pm  flight is no longer available . OMG it just gets worse Ok  forget it I said. Just let me check  for you. AH. there is a 4 pm flight will that do for you. I dont know  nothing at 1600 hrs  but one at 4 pm. YES . Finally I pay 70 euros to change a £56 flight. late this afternoon I get a confirmation e/m all sorted. Just a nightmare.