Well back from Holland now. What a hectic  few days. And what a time for my  dodgy back to play up. Ive put a downer on mavis  happy time because I have been walking or crawling about like a cripple. My back has been excruciating most of the time. dragging myself  along at the back was embarrassing. Ive had such a sore mouth all the time eating for me was a problem no Bonjela. Because of the pain I was constantly gritting my teeth. We did do a lot of walking. Even a trot down the red light district didnt ease my back. But the Girls had a good laugh.

I met some lovely people. Basically I enjoyed it all. But all the walking you have to do at the airports is un believable . you walk for miles. The distance  you walk at Amsterdam is a joke. But the shambles at Gatwick was not funny. The Dutch were quite proficient.

Ive been to the  doctors this morning. After a examination she said its obvious that you are experiencing a great deal of pain. So first thing in the morning I have an xray. And depending  on results A follow up scan  to follow and blood tests. Doctor also wants a scan of my lungs as a long overdue follow up  for mesothelioma. Also a prostrate checkup. Looks like I cant escape it. Ive got more pills and creams and a prescription  for

di azapan. looks like I am becoming a junkie.

watch this space


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