been a shit day today. I sorted my  flight  change yesterday  evening. This morning I got e/m they must talk to me  or  my change is not accepted.  so 8.30 I phone.  They  keep trying to contact me. Yes on what a lazer beam?  Anyway did I accept  the proposed change YES YES YES . Ok they will cal be back in  2 hrs.  So four and a half hrs Later I phone again. They can continue  until I pay the  extra penalty. I said I agreed  yesterday just take the bloody money. Sorry I cant do that . Someone will contact you in the next 24 hrs. . 2 hrs later I get a call  sorry  my request for a 4pm  flight is no longer available . OMG it just gets worse Ok  forget it I said. Just let me check  for you. AH. there is a 4 pm flight will that do for you. I dont know  nothing at 1600 hrs  but one at 4 pm. YES . Finally I pay 70 euros to change a £56 flight. late this afternoon I get a confirmation e/m all sorted. Just a nightmare.



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