My trip to the doctors  today was to discuss his letter saying my condition was normal.  When I was called in  he smiled and said gosh that looks like painful work.  I said I have your text  sayng  test 1 was normal. Yes thats the blood test. Nothing showed up on that he said . Next I said I have your letter saying  spinal xray  normal.

I said sorry its not normal to  spend  nearly 2 months crawling about like a cripple on sticks. So what do you mean NORMAL.

He explained that Normal for a man of my age. almost 80. because its common for wear and tear to take place.

So I have curvature of the spine which has reduced my  height  aprox 2 inches. But most of all the lumber region has deteriorated  as the discs have worn away. and the bones are grinding together.. So the upshot is I am now to  have an MRI scan and a referal to a pain clinic.

where they  will  inject a stabilizer into my spine. A tube of mastic. (joking ) that should stop  the movement and reduce the pain. I must wait now about 2 to 3 weeks.


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