The on going back Saga continues. Yesterday te time I had a period of absolute screaming  agony.

Ive mat with various degrees of pain  in a lifetime. I think up until now  my worst was 3 abcesses in a week. I had to go to work  with a face swollen like a football. after having a tooth filled. 3 days later I had  raging tooth ache.  I had an abcesse. I cant touch that the dentist said because it will be painful . I begged him to remove it. I remember halfway through the extraction  I was screaming STOP STOP . He said  you are biting my finger. but the instant relief when it was finally out it was like a wave of ecstasy.

I had 2 more like that before I cancelled treatment. It turned out later  accusations of cleanliness were leveled at the practice.

I thought that was bad pain. Various other episodes in life. But this  back pain has brought me to  screaming pitch. I cant believe bones rubbing together can cause so much agony.


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