Just a normal day. Except I overlaid this morning. Poor ole louis had to cross his legs. I had to take him out before  my first cuppa. my only job today was to install a new heater. Mavis says she is getting used to  the bedroom now. So I did it right then. one hell of a frost first thing winters here. We even managed a wallk in the park louis was a happy bunny. Not much else today.


At last Ive finished my decorating bits. part of it was to hang a 3 picture montage. After I had put all my tools away mavis had a look at my work. Did I know that one of the pictures was not the same height as the others. I checked it  and it was less than 1/4 of an inch lower. The stringing on the rear had stretched so a few turns to tighten it and  sorted it. She is a happy bunny now..

I think Ive not done my back any favours. Its back to  pain again. But I wont be doing any more  shortly


Funny old  day. just b4 lunch we set off to the hospital. It was for my MRI Scan. Good news almost bang on time I was called in Come in my luvly the nurse said. Have you had an MRI b4. No  my first one I said .have  a shelf to refit

Pop on the bench for me .Ha I see you  e a Zip in your Trousers. ERR! was that meant to be funny. No its because its metal. Slip them down for me will you. Lay flat and  try and keep still. She gave me a buzzer if I needed help. It will be noisy I was warned.

Wow not   frightened but so claustrophobic. Its only a couple of inches from you face and into the tunnel you go. I kept my eyes shut most of the time and kept  thinking of cloudy skies and bright sunshine. It was all over in 30 minutes.

Back home an early lunch and I confess I nodded for a bit, but then I had to get on with my decorating. All  that’s left is refit a shelf and hang some pictures. Its good because my back is playing up with all the leaning and twisting.

Mavis is busy putting up xmas  lights. Xmas is almost here now.

I am greatfull for the past 7 Christmases we have had since  diagnosis. We were not supposed to have had anymore.. I hope we have a few more left


Still painting today. half has been second coated and the the other half has had 1st coat. When its dry second coat and painting  is done. Just a few other bits and its sorted.


Ive done a bit more to my  decorating, stripped off tiles did a bit of filling and sanding. I think tomorrow a bit f painting may well be on the cards. we had to get a new   lampshade to hang over the bed. Mavis picked a ball of glass. very shiek.


Another day in London. met some new faces again. Its good to see 1st class coming homeold faces t. Atoo.

We were caught  sitting in 1st class but  he didn’t seem bothered.And no parking ticket today. Never a dull day.My back decided to play up today. I am half watching Tarrant on railways. Not as good as portillo railways. Mavis said can I not look so bored. Sorry I am doing my best


Ive used google calendar for  years no problem. But this week it  just does not send reminders. Ive tried everything. Followed all the help tips. Nothing. But Ive found that yahoo  have a reminder . And it works so I think its goodbye google.

Ive been sourcing pictures for my puzzle page as I was almost out of them.

Tomorrow its off to London again. Must remember to pay  parking don’t want another  fine.