photo_20161218_120515                                  This could be the start of a new pain free lifephoto_20161218_132628     Mavis in the Festive mood at our meal on the way home from hospital today

Wow! It was the day I had dreaded but waited for so long for. I have over the past 3 or 4 years now had back pain. This was a condition that I used to view with a certain amount of Hm! skiving off work at worst malingering. Especially when I was a Manager and I would get a report that so and so has phoned in sick with back pain.

Well that old saying chickens come home to roost certainly came true lived for me. To late in life to help me understand as a Manager. I cant remember when I actualy started down this road.

But I was recommended to visit a cyropractice. I did this weekly for  around 6 months. I found the procedure a little degrading but stuck with it. Until one day I asked himhave How many more  visits must I  have. Little response. Next I asked him are you ever going to  cure my back problems. He said it could take  a long time. I decided  that the only relief I was getting was about £120. a month and decided to end his treatment.

So I went to my GP about 4 years ago. First treatment was Physio course 6 weeks of exercise. Which only  gave me temporary relief . Many months later I returned and it was suggested I might like to try Acupuncture. So my next venture was 6 more sessions of having loads of needles stuck in my back. A hedgehog I became. But the effects were short lived. That’s where its pretty much rested. Constant pain killers and a careful attitude and respect that I cant do things I used to.

But this all came to a head a couple of months ago when I started excruciating bouts of pain which culminated on a recent trip to Amsterdam. Mavis had set her heart on going and doing her presentation. I couldn’t let her down.So I painfully went.


It was  4 days of hell. I had to sort myself out. Back to Docs he said I have some courses I can refer you for. I said I don’t wont your physio or needles I have done that. So next an x-ray. result you have Degenerative Disk Disease. What’s that . Its associated with age or a heavy working environment. Ok what’s next an MRI may help. From that came a referral to have Bi Lateral Epidural Steroid Injections to help 3 of your lower disks.

So today we travelled to hospital for an 0830 appointment arriving at 10 to 8 I hate being late. We were  escorted to a private room with a bed and a nice TV. at about 1015 I was wheeled  from my room through miles of  corridors to the theatre. Only show on the road was me. After an undignified belly roll from bed to table the . procedure began You may find this a little painful he said. My God what an understatement It was like punching 12 inch nails in my spine.

I wont go into  detail but .if your interested

Its been a few hours since we were discharged now we called in and had a nice meal out to celebrate. Its about 6 hrs now  I think its a bit  better ,only time will tell.


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