I was being cocky with myself today. I was checking over the motorhome . usual things when its not been used for a while. Started first turn of key. great. Check toilet cassette OK. Check Fire, Oh problem it lit few a few seconds then died. No gas. here comes the cocky bit. I had to remove the gas bottle. Its always a nightmare its such a tight fit. I pulled and tugged . I could feel the stress in my back. But a final heave and out it came. It was not empty and it was heavy. Now Ive got to put it back I  lifted and struggled pushed and shoved kicked and swore I prayed ,my back was all done in. Walking back indoors I was in trouble again. back to  cant sit cant lay cant walk. Oh shit Ive undone a weeks getting better. I found my  pain killers 2 of them and a slow walk round the garden. I think Ive spoilt Christmas. But we took louis for his walk I  hobbled around but slowly I could feel the pain going. Its now late evening I am not 100% but a good nights sleep will help Ive got about a 4 hour drive tomorrow I hope its better.

So you see cocky doesn’t pay. merry Christmas to everyone.liefde17


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