After walking louis Its that time again to  visit  the Marsden. Its Scan time. Mavis hates  it she is on edge that the  scan will show  things  she wont like.

Its a one and a half hour  trip . When we pull into the grounds the problems begin. Parking wherre oh where. 1st area ,nothing 2nd area ,nothing, 3rd area Mavis spots  a space. Wow its a bit narow ,mavis has to get out while I pull in. Now its my turn. I can open my door but wrigling out with my back took a while.

We made our way to the ward, are and booked in. You are  too early we were told. Too early its  1235 for a 1255 appointment but we were told to  be at least 20 mins early so here we are 5 mins to spare . Next its mavis nightmare the fitting of the canular. She has only one service vein and they usually mess it up . Eventually  we are sorted and escorted  to the ct room. All done and we can set off on the  journey home on which a detour to  Tescos for a few bits. £81.00 worth of bits.  Well  we have to wait 8 days for the results. Thats my day sorted.


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