What a strange day. It started at  6 am I got up  to go to the toilet. But I stagered along the passage like a drunken nutter. I went back to bed. Fatal. I lay down and instantly felt sick. I attempted to get out of bed but my brain didnt let me find the  side. I tried sitting up  and the pictures on the wall were rushing from left to right at  tremendous speed. Also  they were spinning anticlockwise at speed. I stagered out of  bed and fell into the office where Mavis caught me and held me up . I am sorry I frightened her. But I couldnt stand. Like I was dead drunk . All I could say  with  difficulty was I am dizzy. Should I get an ambulance she kept saying No  , wait a bit . She sat me down and made me a tea. I tried going back to bed but had the same  again. I  tried laying on settee same thing. I was woried was this the start of a stroke . I  managed to  drop off sitting up. As long as I kept upright and didnt move my head I was ok any  head movement  was same again. This lasted right  up to  lunch time before it started to ease up. Ive been ok  since about 2 oclock and I am fine this evening. Just what  it was I dont know.

After  dinner  tonight I  got myself together and made a start on laying paint on my new painting. I can see a simple resemblance  to what I want. But it will take time more tomorrow.

Its haircut day for louis in the morning so he wont speak to me for hours bless him.


Ive spent  the past  2 days sorting PC`s .My   Desk  was an un holy mess. Now Its all tidy again. Some stuff has gone in the  skip. I have cleared the decks ready for a new painting. It takes me ages to get motivated to paint. Now I have the itch. I have got a new canvas. My paints are ready . I just have a small job  in the garden  first. Its like a spring day , fresh but bright. Wheres my brushes.


Well after weeks of Mavis curseing and screaming at her pc. The panics because she has secretly been into system files and cleaned  just about everything .

I asked her whats  wrong. ITS toooo  Slow. I said its not that. your problem is what you expect it to do requires plugging into Nassa computer system.

Anyway I  did the usual searcing on l ine comparing specs agains price against  what she  has.

So about an hour ago I ordered her  the fastes thing she has  had so far. I wonder how manny weeks it will be before it to is not fast enough.


She  said can you  source me a new PC


A sad day . WE went to Alen Gullys Funeral. It was  only 2 years ago we were at Tesss. But  now they are together. I just sat partially numb during the ceromany . All I could think of was that  but for the grace of god go I. The times Ive walked that road in my  mind during Maviss bad times.

It was a nice send off. Sadly  another friend has gone. The older we get the more we loose.


Well we were going  to a meeting today. I was up at 6 am  got all ready and mavis said. She has cancelled it. Which was good news for me because I wanted to  get on with my  gate problem.   Later when I brigtened up a bit I  get set too. But after a few minutes I  came in and got a  coat on. Not as nice as yesterday. But I soon sorted the remaining  post and fixed the new gate. Well pleased with it. Next it was time to  put a new gate on the  side garden.  Trouble was it was a shade bigger and needed  some modifications and a lot of drilling. But eventually I managed to hang it and now we have 2 new gates. After put all my tools away pleased with myself that a good days work done.  Mavis said did you  do the fence as well as it has large holes in it.. I said I have replaced all the damaged pannels this weekend. She said not that one. So now I am hopeing  for a couple of hours dry  tomorrow when I can sort  that too. Cant be much more  fence and gate wise left to do now ??? Unless you know something I dont.

We took louis for his run in the park . But I was in a lot of  pain. My back was  stiff and I could hardly get into the car. When we came home I  rested on the settee . I  wonder  how long I have got to wait for my next consultation to freeze my spine.

Life is full of surprises.