Well after getting up at 4 am ,staggering about  half asleep. Trying to walk louis up the lane at  4.30  in torchlight was not easy. He just dug his heels in. We hit the road at 5 am to the station, we were on  HS1 to London. I think I nodded a few times. But  that pest came round Tickets Please. We arrived  at St Pancras. It was freezing, I was tired cold and short tempered, nothing new there then I hear mavis saying.

A short trip  on the underground  and we started walking, but wrong direction. Mavis had to ask a man for directions. He was so kind he  checked his phone for directions,and we were on our way again. Only a short walk and we arrived. We were greeted with a hot drink and a warm welcome from  the BLF.

The meeting was interesting and threw up a few points to give me to research. Mavis was welcomed with such enthusiasm as usual. I really enjoyed  the meeting.

I slept  nearly all the way home on the train.

Its another early day tomorrow for another conference. How do I do it. I dont know.


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