Well we were going  to a meeting today. I was up at 6 am  got all ready and mavis said. She has cancelled it. Which was good news for me because I wanted to  get on with my  gate problem.   Later when I brigtened up a bit I  get set too. But after a few minutes I  came in and got a  coat on. Not as nice as yesterday. But I soon sorted the remaining  post and fixed the new gate. Well pleased with it. Next it was time to  put a new gate on the  side garden.  Trouble was it was a shade bigger and needed  some modifications and a lot of drilling. But eventually I managed to hang it and now we have 2 new gates. After put all my tools away pleased with myself that a good days work done.  Mavis said did you  do the fence as well as it has large holes in it.. I said I have replaced all the damaged pannels this weekend. She said not that one. So now I am hopeing  for a couple of hours dry  tomorrow when I can sort  that too. Cant be much more  fence and gate wise left to do now ??? Unless you know something I dont.

We took louis for his run in the park . But I was in a lot of  pain. My back was  stiff and I could hardly get into the car. When we came home I  rested on the settee . I  wonder  how long I have got to wait for my next consultation to freeze my spine.

Life is full of surprises.


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