What a strange day. It started at  6 am I got up  to go to the toilet. But I stagered along the passage like a drunken nutter. I went back to bed. Fatal. I lay down and instantly felt sick. I attempted to get out of bed but my brain didnt let me find the  side. I tried sitting up  and the pictures on the wall were rushing from left to right at  tremendous speed. Also  they were spinning anticlockwise at speed. I stagered out of  bed and fell into the office where Mavis caught me and held me up . I am sorry I frightened her. But I couldnt stand. Like I was dead drunk . All I could say  with  difficulty was I am dizzy. Should I get an ambulance she kept saying No  , wait a bit . She sat me down and made me a tea. I tried going back to bed but had the same  again. I  tried laying on settee same thing. I was woried was this the start of a stroke . I  managed to  drop off sitting up. As long as I kept upright and didnt move my head I was ok any  head movement  was same again. This lasted right  up to  lunch time before it started to ease up. Ive been ok  since about 2 oclock and I am fine this evening. Just what  it was I dont know.

After  dinner  tonight I  got myself together and made a start on laying paint on my new painting. I can see a simple resemblance  to what I want. But it will take time more tomorrow.

Its haircut day for louis in the morning so he wont speak to me for hours bless him.


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