What a day yesterday we had. It was off to London to meet Harry and his team. We were met at the station by Aleyah and Max. To smashing people. The day just got better and better. We were whisked off to lunch at a posh Hotel. Then it was time to get started on the serious business . Mavis and I were   guest of honours and we were treated like Royalty all day. Mavis was First  to be introduced to give a presentation . next I was invited to  give mine. Always a nervous time. But  here  it was Talking to an audience of Solicitors Lawyers barristers and Top QC`s. But  no reason to be nervous. They were  a really  lovely bunch. After  all the presentations were  made it was off to  Drinks in the other  room. After which it was time to say goodbye to  lots of  friends. Before we were whisked off  to  another restaurants  for an evening meal. The time flew past while we all mixed and chatted. Before we knew it. My watch said 11pm. It was time to  get home. Harry had arranged a car to  bring us home. As we stepped outside  this Limo was waiting for us. The journey was as quick as the  HS train. WE  got home at 20 to   1. Shattered. What an expedience. Thank you to all  whom made it an epic day to remember.

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