Still getting back to normal after  weekend away. I come home worn out  doing nothing. But yesterday I had so many things to do . I did get them all done. I hope today will be a bit  easier. We are now that much closer to getting  the foundation Bank account open. We have had to sign the Forms today  which will be submitted to the bank. Once they  accept it  we will get  the details. It will make any donations  from all  you good people so much  easier. Should be in place in the next few days. Its been delayed  due to   hollidays in the team. So watch this space.


Ive spent hours re editing Mavis Book  A mesowarriors Journey. Some comments were  it  had small print. So I decided to  split it into  2 books. First  to make it in bigger print. The problem  was the bigger the print  the more pages it takes and  the more pages  the  more expensive it is to print.

I was also  surprised  the  volume of  spelling errors , it would seem the spell checker  did not  flag up. Hopefully now That has been resolved. I have  used a different word  software. I am undecided yet to remove  the  first  one and leave Book 3 Part one and book 4 Part Two.

My next  challenge is my car insurance. I saved by  changing my van insurance. Maybe I will get lucky again.


What a week. Coming home from Norwhich shattered. trying to catch up . Yesterday Interviews at  7.30 am for Radio Kent. !0am  a BBC Tv camera Creww ringing the Bell. Waiting  all afternoon for  another team ,who failed to make it. Ive spent hours sorting Mavis  presentations. Today Ive spent hours  trying to take things off  BBC iplayer and transfer them for conversion. But I cant do it. Someone helped  with sugestions But it ended up  loading Porn. Not very Nice. Looks like I will have to give  that idea up.

When we took Louis for his trip to the park We were gobsmacked . The car was covered in what looked like whitwash . all over the roof and bonnet the driving side was almost white instead of red the rear was a mess. As we walked up to it I thought that vandals had thrown a bucket of paint over it. BUT no it was seagull poo. Ive seen it bad befor but this was the worst ever. The car next to me untouched. So  why do the gulls hate me. Maybe because most of the crs here are white they  were hinting.


Home again. But what a weekend. We travelled  up to Norwich on Friday Lunchtime after a hectic morning to start with. With a 9 15 Doctors appointment then off to the kennells with Louis  . We arived in Norwich at 1\4 to 5 . A long taxi to Posh Hotel. That evening  was a Charity Ball untill 1 am. I was still awake. It was a great  evening. So manny new faces.

Saturday it was up early  a quick breahdast then we were Chaufered on a day  around Norfolk site seeing with Brian. Stopping off  to  see the sites. And Coffee breaks Then exhausted back to Hotel  for evening Meal. Climbed into bed  shattered.

Sunday up early again for more site seeing around the half we didnt see yesterday with Terry. What another Smashing day. Monday it was up early again  pack  up and  travell to The Offices ready for  the Presentation Speeches. After which it was off to  a nice place to eat before  saying our goodbyes and heading home. We  got  home at just after 10 pm. We caught up with  emails and stuff. I  slipped off to bed leaving Mavis on her PC. I have no idea when  or even if she came to bed.. Today we collect Louis  , make a fuss of him and hope he forgives us for leaving him for  5 days bless him..


A special Day  64 years ago I  began my 5 year Apprenticeship And it was my Dads Birthday. Not sure if its a day to remember or a day of regrets. Who knows what the future holds at 15 years old.