This time last week We had been travelling all day to get to  Blackpool to meet again this crazy group. We were  tired. Now a week later I am still not recovered. Louis has got round to being  social again. He hates  going into kennels and he lets us know it.

I have looked into  swapping my  windows pc for  a mac as some of you sugested last week.  I ve googled the  pros and cons.  I am not  convinced that  apart from  security issues I will not gain a lot. Software  wise I am committed to win. I was always detered from  apple  re  price. But you cant take it with you  and mave said if you  want one go get  one.  I still have my  mark one Ipad which mainly gathers dust. It gets a charge up  now and then  thats about it. I supose its all down to  what you are used to. I started a long time ago with my  spectrum then my comadore moving on up to my first  desktop running Dos. Not untill some time later  did a friend introduce me to this new system  called windows 3 I think it was. Ive had so manny  since those early days in the 70`s.  I supose its to late to teach an old dog new tricks.


What a day. We picked up louis  we have made a big fuss of hime but he is still  a bit standoffish. Ive worked all day on bits on pc. almost everything Ive touched has gone to pot. Things not working  change of instructions crashes change of mind repeat requests emails  posts Its driven me mad today. I think tomorrow  my pc is going in the bin. I cant  deal with anothe day like it tomorrow.


Whew! What a weekend. 30  Girls and only 2 blokes. Now that s something. What a  lovely  group. WE are shattered but  what a weekend its been. Blackpool will never be the same again. The weather  was crap. But the company made up for that. The Hotel was Top Dog 100% . But my memories will be the Ball room. Magic.

Just  sipping Tea you can imagine SEVEN ! Thank you Tracy. We had an evening meal at Mr  basari!s Fantastic 100% Walking back to the hotel in Howling wind I could not resist the photo  above.

Although  the weekend was a mesowarriors  weekend the girls included The Foundation and they organised a raffle. What a bunch girls they are. They did mave proud.

I sometimes feel like a fish out of water at these doo!s But they always make me so welcome.

I will put together all the pics I can find and put them in a slideshow I will  do it tomorrow. We didnt get back home here untill almost 8 pm Its a hell of a journey as we left the Hotel at 10.45 this morning. A long tireing Day. But the Good news is I get to see my Louis tomorrow. I hope he isnt  sulking ,to pay us back bless him I cant wait to get him home.


After 2 deliverys today my modified gate is still standing. So cementing was the way to go. I noticed it still had a problem. When it  swung shut  it  bounced back open. The catch didnt catch  every time. I pplayed about with it for a while opening and  shutting it. It took a while to see the problem. The post being concreted in has made the post vibrate when  slammed. It  tried to  latch but  was just bouncing out again. After  a few atempts at making it  solid. I solved it by cutting and screwing a  small  block between it and my metal arch.

Ive been out   opening and shutting  the gate so many times today Ive lost count. I  doesnt bounce anymore and just quietly  clunks and latches. I  think its  sorted now. But time will tell.


No gardening  today. The postman has been and my  new modified gate  is still standing.. I had a small job on them I had to cut about 18 ins off  each post. For  looks rather than function. I keep  apening  and slamming  it . But  its ok. Sometimes it  clunks and locks  sometimes it dont, but thats down to the catch.

It was Marsden day today  we left home at  12.45 called in  garage for petrol and  hit the road we did it in 1.5 hours. M25 was prety  good. WE were in and sorted almost at once  Mavis got her bloods done and her scan all done in just over half an hour. We bought some sweets  in the shop. I couldnt resist a bar of chocholate Frys Cream. I ate it  in the car  on the way home. Only problem it was 80 degs. Chocy  all over the steering wheel. And I couldnt lick it off. I  was shattered when we got home. 150 mile round trip in that heat  all inside under 4 hours I was shattered. I think I will sleep tonight.


I made an early start ,before it got too hot to work in. I  started by clearing the gravelled area  ready to dig my post hole. The post I put in  yesterday  seemed to have set. It feels firm. Soon I had the hole dug. The post was  placed and after lots of  level checks and supports added it was time for cementing. With that  done I now had to modify the gate it was quite wide and heavy. So I  shortened its width by cutting  some off the end. I stopped  for a  tea   next  on checking  that  it was beginnig to  set I  fitted the gate to yesterdays post  It  swings nicely . I broke off and we had a bit of lunch and took louis out for his run. When we got back  the post felt nice and firm. But  with Care I added the catches and closing spring. With fingers crossed I opened it  wide ,let it  swing shut. Clunk it  closed and secured  perfect.

Clearing up   putting tools away. A pat on the back a job well done. mavis came out to test it. OK! seal of a proval.


After a bit of hedge trimming  this morning in this heat. I  decided  it was a bout time I  sorted the gate post . So I  started to dig out  the hole   for the post. I have bloody great  blisters in my palms. Then a trip to  get some cement.  The traffic  was heavy but B & Q was empty. I had the  embarasment of lifting the cement out of the trolly  into  my boot. Oh dear I couldnt  do it . My back was at breaking point. But  with no one to  help I strugled on. I will pay for this now for days.

Its a job Ive been looking at  for some time  so at last  It will be done. Mavis was gardening  this morning and banged her head. She got a nasty  gash which wont stop bleeding. Must keep an eye on it.

I got a lovely  Fathers day card from Louis. But he is crashed out  too hot to move bless him.