At last mavis`s  website for the Foundation is done ,well apart from a just giving button, that is to follow shortly. I admit it has given me a few headaches. Because it has to be correct it  is a lot more consumeing. But it was worth it.There will be times to add to it later. I needed a break  from it this morning so I decided  it was aboout time I  checked Oil and water in the Van. WOW! Not before time. Water level was well below minimum So a few pints and antifreeze were added. I almost dreaded  looking at the oil. But whipping out the stick surprisingly ,not to bad,neede a Tad of oil. with that done it was washer water. Now thats a bit  awkward. It has a spout about 18 inches long and disapears into  the depths  somewhere. So I  just aimed the watering can over the filler neck and emptied  it. Put the cap back. How much is in it  God Knows.

It was just nice to be out in the sunshine. Louis run later should be nice and warm.


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