After a bit of hedge trimming  this morning in this heat. I  decided  it was a bout time I  sorted the gate post . So I  started to dig out  the hole   for the post. I have bloody great  blisters in my palms. Then a trip to  get some cement.  The traffic  was heavy but B & Q was empty. I had the  embarasment of lifting the cement out of the trolly  into  my boot. Oh dear I couldnt  do it . My back was at breaking point. But  with no one to  help I strugled on. I will pay for this now for days.

Its a job Ive been looking at  for some time  so at last  It will be done. Mavis was gardening  this morning and banged her head. She got a nasty  gash which wont stop bleeding. Must keep an eye on it.

I got a lovely  Fathers day card from Louis. But he is crashed out  too hot to move bless him.


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