I made an early start ,before it got too hot to work in. I  started by clearing the gravelled area  ready to dig my post hole. The post I put in  yesterday  seemed to have set. It feels firm. Soon I had the hole dug. The post was  placed and after lots of  level checks and supports added it was time for cementing. With that  done I now had to modify the gate it was quite wide and heavy. So I  shortened its width by cutting  some off the end. I stopped  for a  tea   next  on checking  that  it was beginnig to  set I  fitted the gate to yesterdays post  It  swings nicely . I broke off and we had a bit of lunch and took louis out for his run. When we got back  the post felt nice and firm. But  with Care I added the catches and closing spring. With fingers crossed I opened it  wide ,let it  swing shut. Clunk it  closed and secured  perfect.

Clearing up   putting tools away. A pat on the back a job well done. mavis came out to test it. OK! seal of a proval.


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