No gardening  today. The postman has been and my  new modified gate  is still standing.. I had a small job on them I had to cut about 18 ins off  each post. For  looks rather than function. I keep  apening  and slamming  it . But  its ok. Sometimes it  clunks and locks  sometimes it dont, but thats down to the catch.

It was Marsden day today  we left home at  12.45 called in  garage for petrol and  hit the road we did it in 1.5 hours. M25 was prety  good. WE were in and sorted almost at once  Mavis got her bloods done and her scan all done in just over half an hour. We bought some sweets  in the shop. I couldnt resist a bar of chocholate Frys Cream. I ate it  in the car  on the way home. Only problem it was 80 degs. Chocy  all over the steering wheel. And I couldnt lick it off. I  was shattered when we got home. 150 mile round trip in that heat  all inside under 4 hours I was shattered. I think I will sleep tonight.


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