After 2 deliverys today my modified gate is still standing. So cementing was the way to go. I noticed it still had a problem. When it  swung shut  it  bounced back open. The catch didnt catch  every time. I pplayed about with it for a while opening and  shutting it. It took a while to see the problem. The post being concreted in has made the post vibrate when  slammed. It  tried to  latch but  was just bouncing out again. After  a few atempts at making it  solid. I solved it by cutting and screwing a  small  block between it and my metal arch.

Ive been out   opening and shutting  the gate so many times today Ive lost count. I  doesnt bounce anymore and just quietly  clunks and latches. I  think its  sorted now. But time will tell.


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