Whew! What a weekend. 30  Girls and only 2 blokes. Now that s something. What a  lovely  group. WE are shattered but  what a weekend its been. Blackpool will never be the same again. The weather  was crap. But the company made up for that. The Hotel was Top Dog 100% . But my memories will be the Ball room. Magic.

Just  sipping Tea you can imagine SEVEN ! Thank you Tracy. We had an evening meal at Mr  basari!s Fantastic 100% Walking back to the hotel in Howling wind I could not resist the photo  above.

Although  the weekend was a mesowarriors  weekend the girls included The Foundation and they organised a raffle. What a bunch girls they are. They did mave proud.

I sometimes feel like a fish out of water at these doo!s But they always make me so welcome.

I will put together all the pics I can find and put them in a slideshow I will  do it tomorrow. We didnt get back home here untill almost 8 pm Its a hell of a journey as we left the Hotel at 10.45 this morning. A long tireing Day. But the Good news is I get to see my Louis tomorrow. I hope he isnt  sulking ,to pay us back bless him I cant wait to get him home.


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