This time last week We had been travelling all day to get to  Blackpool to meet again this crazy group. We were  tired. Now a week later I am still not recovered. Louis has got round to being  social again. He hates  going into kennels and he lets us know it.

I have looked into  swapping my  windows pc for  a mac as some of you sugested last week.  I ve googled the  pros and cons.  I am not  convinced that  apart from  security issues I will not gain a lot. Software  wise I am committed to win. I was always detered from  apple  re  price. But you cant take it with you  and mave said if you  want one go get  one.  I still have my  mark one Ipad which mainly gathers dust. It gets a charge up  now and then  thats about it. I supose its all down to  what you are used to. I started a long time ago with my  spectrum then my comadore moving on up to my first  desktop running Dos. Not untill some time later  did a friend introduce me to this new system  called windows 3 I think it was. Ive had so manny  since those early days in the 70`s.  I supose its to late to teach an old dog new tricks.


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