louis had his hair cut today. he is ot a happy  bunny. WE took him out for his run to show him we still love him,but he isnt to fussed. Mind you it is a bit short. He looks 10 years younger bless him


  1. Up 6.30 ,cuppa and switch only Mac HaHm! for another lesson. Software is Pages a publishing program. 1.5 hours later ,created a nice test flyer saved it. copied it  cropped it and pasted it into my webpage. Result it works ok. A bit  long winded to  windows but gets me there in the end. so now I can write, do powerpoint copy paste print so most of what I need . Windows is  taking a back seat bye bye Bill Gates


IMG_20170728_145225                                                       .Me and Louis having a sing along in the car at tesco waiting for mummy. He could be the next Pavoroti.