Wow another hectic week.  First  its upto Birmingham then on to Longbridge the home of the Mini . A hell of a journey from the station 14 miles by Taxi.  The taxi was a yellow cab. It had hardly any suspension took ages and certainly didnt sound to  healthy either. But the hotel was nice the food was nice and the conference was ok too. a couple of days there then back to Birmingham  then on to Derby.  Another busy 2 days  good food and company again. Then It was time to  head off to London via St Pancras. The heat on the London Underground was unbearable we got lost and ended up   going  in the wrong direction,then another Taxi. But  although he knew where it was he had a job getting  us there due to  traffic changes. Hotel was not as nice as the others but it was clean and only for the night. we were so shattered it didnt matter. Up early next morning and off to  Lasag Conference. Eventually it was time to  go for a drink in the heat. And head off Home. Mavis had some excitement on the underground A pickpocket was trying to get into her bag untill I thumped him. Another  guy on the train said he had been watching him try it on with 2 other women and said I should have  held on to him. But  my main concern was mavis. and as soon as I thumped him the train  pulled into the station and he as off like a shot. I did report it but they wanted a full statement to the police but we were both knackered so we said forget it we just want to get home.

Today we dashed off to the kennels to collect louis, he was so excited to see us, but now he has settled into his old laying about mood. He has had lots of hugs to reasure him.

I have been busy catching up  I have finally got my referal for my cataract assesment so  now I may  be able to see again. Its just the rest of me that  needs assessing. But what the hell Mavis has had a brilliant time this week and as long as she is happy thats all that matters.


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