Another hectic day. Ive tried for 2 days to edit  the header in my web. But I can’t do it. I contacted  support yesterday ,today they got back to me. Now we have about 6 emails crossing trying to  resolve it. Up to  10 mins ago they cant do it. If they can’t how  am I suposed to do it. Its a simple task remove one graphic and load a new one. But its not working. In the middle of all this mavis throws at me , can you  do this form for me. Oh yes its a bloody PDF that  first needs to be down loaded  then I cant find my  converter,  so down load another one   bla bla bla  so it goes on  with that done louis want  his late wa , but its raining.  I am trying to run 2 computers  Tried to  get apointment for my back rescheduled   but now instead of this Sunday it  will be end of sept or October. and I am top of the  waiting list.

Now its only  1 and a bit days  then I get my cataract operation . And they say retirement is easy. They  never saw my Diary.


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