I worked on the banner  problem today. After redesigning the way it fitted it was all  done and  finally  superglued into place. AS I  put all my tools away Thinking its all done. I sudenly had a brainwave. Why did I make it so   complex. There is a much simpler way that I should have done. So Thinking how hard it was to erect it with the strong spring pressure,I was reluctant to  start over. But OK. I started to  un do all my work the superglue was sticking to my fingers But with a big pair of pliers and a few mins work I had undone hours of work. Now with my electric Drill a suitable Pin  and a plug. 10 mins and I had completely redsigned it. A much better  way of doing it. The previous was a bit hairy and with a nudge it could have all collapsed with a vicious whoosh like it did when it broke. Now my new design it will not collapse when moved or nudged. I might even tell the manufacturers that my idea is cheaper and better than the original.

Poor old louis has not been well today he has been lethargig and whimpering in pain his bowels are not too good. He has  had medicine and at the moment settled. I think he picked up a bug in the kennells. I will keep an eye on him. he got me up at 4 am crying.

An update on my back. Its been so bad today worse than it was before my op. I dont think its worked. Ive taken overdose of pain killers and I thik to much. I was so tired I could not keep my eyes open I dropped off for over an hour. Ive got to go out tomorrow on a fairly long drive. Driving is making it even worse.

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