One of them days. It started out trying to sort  the Door Bell. Mavis said take a look at it. So with it partially dismantled she sudenly  said OH NO we have lost the internet. I looked up and all the power on my end of the desk had gone. Panic Mavis with no internet is a Mavis you dont want to see. I  started checking . I  couldn’t see why. Oh dear now Ive got to start major sorting I have to get behind  book cases and  a stack of drawers all seems fine I checked fuses as I went. Next it was clear out under my desk  Loads of stuff trace the cable into  a cupboard  all Ok but still no power on desk all my stuff  Dead as a Do Do. Jumper off its hot now  Every thing   I checked had power bit by bit . having checked everything still no power. I  got a wandering lead and started plugging  bits in all work but not the last multi block that feeds it all. I don’t understand it . A cup of tea is in order. back to it again when I looked up and the red light was on OMG its all back on and I havent done anything?. So  began the restoration of  tidying up putting  it all back . Its been working now  for hours. I don’t know what happened . But Mavis is now back to the happy bunny ,thats all that matters.


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